Why I'm Running...

These are difficult days in Boston and throughout the nation. We are faced with a worldwide pandemic that continues to threaten the physical and economic health of our communities. The politicization of the COVID-19 virus has only made it harder to combat its terrible impact. Like every other challenge, this hurts the vulnerable among us the hardest. ​dividing and distracting us.

We are also experiencing a national reckoning on race that hasn’t been seen here in decades. Yet this feels different from the other times. Different from busing, different from housing integration, different from the endless heartbreaking stream of news about community violence and police brutality. There are more allies across racial, economic, and geographical lines than ever before, and they are speaking out, too. We have an opportunity to make meaningful, lasting change. We must act.

As a mother, I am anxious about where these difficult times will leave us, yet I am endlessly hopeful too. My nine children, most of them grown, all know that it is not enough to stand silently while people are harmed. We must act. It’s a lesson I learned early on and it’s why I became an attorney. ​And it's why I am the best candidate for the 12th Suffolk seat, which is open since Dan Cullinane announced he would not seek re-election this year.

My candidacy for state representative is rooted in service to my community - my extended family. And every position I take, every issue I work on is through the lens of a mother who is always thinking about how my actions today impact the world our children will live in tomorrow.

I’ve done challenging things my whole life. I’ve put myself through school, I’ve raised nine children who have lots of success stories of their own, I’ve actively participated in building a loving marriage and I’ve built a law practice. I’ve worked hard for my community throughout my adult life ​and serve as the Affirmative Action Liaison for the Ward 17 committee where I have been a member since 2012. I’ve written legislation and made policy at the city and state levels and I do my very best to be of service to those who come to me for help. I am a good listener and If I do not know the answer, I will find someone for you who does.

Our community deserves experienced leadership by someone who understands what it means to do difficult things because our neighbors do difficult things every day just to get by. This is a time for strength, and there is no one stronger than a mother when one of her own is hurting.

​In times of great struggle, there is always a great opportunity and I want to share this opportunity offering a seat for everyone at the table. We must act.

I’m asking for your vote on September 1st for State Representative.

As a mother, as an attorney, as a community advocate, and as an experienced policymaker, I ask you to place your trust in me to look out for you the way I look out for my family: fiercely protective, finding smart solutions to challenges that arise, and an ability to build bridges where others see only walls.


Stephanie on the Issues

With rent and home prices rising and the threat that gentrification poses to our communities, it is more important than ever that the 12th Suffolk District has a bold, progressive representative advocating for housing policy that supports our community.

Under the unprecedented economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to ensure that Boston and Milton renters are able to stay in their homes. I support extending the foreclosure and eviction moratorium, passing rent control legislation, and creating programs to provide support for community homeowners.
Economic Development
Small businesses don’t just power our economy, they are the heart of our community. The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to close their doors, far too many permanently. We have also seen the disproportionate impact that this crisis has had on minority owned and women owned businesses and workers.

If elected, I would support new programs to direct resources to minority run businesses, such as establishing a new fund to ensure that contractors of color play a role in projects like the improvement of Mattapan Square.

We also need to support workers during these trying times. Having served on the Boston Employment Commission I have worked first hand to ensure equity in construction employment. As state representative I will support legislation to ensure our attorney general has the power to stand up for and defend workers in Massachusetts and the 12th Suffolk. I will also support legislation that will ensure all qualified drivers, regardless of immigration status, are able to apply for a Massachusetts Driver's License.
Environmental Justice and Climate Change
The impact of climate change and environmental policy is personal to me. Three of my daughters have asthma, a condition that disproportionately impacts communities of color and urban areas as a result of pollution.

As your state representative, I will advocate for funding a long-term solution to keep the Ashmont Trolley running, the electrification of the commuter rail, and improving MBTA buses by increasing reliability and frequency. I will use my office to advocate for the communities most often left out of the conversation on environmental policy.
As the mother of nine, of which three are still in school, and as the mom of a son with special needs, I know first hand how important a strong, equitable education system is to our children and community’s success.

We know that education is the great equalizer and that our children do better when our teachers are adequately supported and funded. Because the Commonwealth has failed to contribute its matching funds to teacher pensions it has missed out on billions of dollars in compound earnings from pension investments. I will work to ensure that the Commonwealth puts in 100% of its yearly matching funds, cover the missed contributions over the years, and push for the Commonwealth to 100% fund a yearly COLA increase until the returns from the pension fund itself can cover all or a majority of the necessary COLA increase.

I will also lead on issues involving education and the COVID-19 pandemic. I will work to create a memorandum of understanding with our internet partners to make sure every child has high speed internet in their home. I will work to ensure that our schools and students have the resources to address the needs of students who were at risk of failing, failing or on an IEP at the close of school. As State Representative, I will fight to make sure the Student Opportunity Act is fully funded and policies are implemented not to punish the school system or the students who are unable to meet benchmarks in the 2020-2021 school year.
Racial and Social Justice
During this pivotal moment in the struggle for racial justice and equity, it is more important than ever to have a representative on Beacon Hill who will work to bring traditionally marginalized communities into decision making. I support the police reform bill currently in the state legislature, as well reallocating funding to create a grant/low interest loan program to incentivize the creation and growth of black owned small businesses. We need to address implicit biases within all state departments and mandate yearly bias trainings.